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Attention Stoners: America has been attacked by scumbag cowards! It is times like these that stoners must unite with the establishment to protect our freedom, and the freedom of our friends and loved ones. Give to the Red Cross or do whatever you can to help! The Chronicles Network thanks you. God bless America and a big FUCK YOU to Osama "Dead Man Walking" Bin Laden!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Welcome stoners! The Chronicles Network is your link to all that is great in weedom! We got news, links, the amazing Stoner Jesus answers your questions, The TCN-Jesus Weed-a-thon, and who can forget the world famous Chronicles Show!

This site contains references to WEED, SMOKING WEED, ROLLING JOINTS OF WEED TO SMOKE, BEING HIGH ON WEED, BUYING WEED, DOING STUFF WHILE BEING HIGH ON JOINTS OF WEED THAT WE SMOKED, and THE OCCASIONAL CUSS WORD! Don't be offended. You have better things to do. Keep The Chronicles Network Free by Visiting Our Sponsors!!!

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